Insurance Litigation and Arbitration

Insurance products can included variable annuities, variable life insurance, equity-index annuities, etc. Investment abuses in the sale of insurance products are soaring.

We are prepared to represent investors in insurance matters, including:

Early Retirement Scams - Agents encourage workers to retirement early and cash in their pension based on the promise that the lump sum rollover would provide the retiree with higher monthly retirement income and the opportunity to grow the investment with little or no risk. Actually, often the financial professional improperly recommended the lump sum option solely because it was the only way that his or her firm could gain control of the retirement assets and generate high commissions.

Variable Annuities Sold With IRA's - Most experts agree that variable annuities should not be sold with qualified accounts such as 401(k)'s because the qualified accounts already provide tax deferred growth- a main selling point of variable annuities. Despite this fact, at least half of all variable annuities are sold within qualified accounts solely because the financial advisor gets a higher commission for selling variable annuities.

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